Tantra: Sexual Magic and Trance

You are welcome, just the way you are,
with all your shadow sides and perversions.

Your dark aspects are not only a necessary part of you,
but also the key to your inner freedom!

What is Tantra?

Tantra, often misunderstood as genital massage, is actually a spiritual path of ancient India. Tantra means expansion of consciousness in Sanskrit. The Tantric teachings state that we can experience the Divine in everything: In meditation and in sex, in joy and in pain, in love and in the abysses of the soul. Unlike Buddhism or Yoga, which reject the mundane and the sensual, Tantra uses those very sensory experiences to enter the divine state. A fetish, the feeling of fear, or a single glance: All of these can become the starting point for meditation. According to Tantric philosophy, our existence on earth as separate individuals is a play (Līlā) of the Divine trying to return to its original unity.

Advanced practices in Tantra are:

  • Mutual conscious touch
  • The Art of Orgasmic Transformation
  • How to transform the sexual energy of an explosive orgasm so that it does not exhaust, but invigorate and expand you
  • Very advanced and for experts only: The Tantric Union through genital sex

Meditation (absorption, total presence) is the foundation for all advanced practices in Tantra. In ancient India, tantra novices would never have been initiated into sexual rites. This required long training in meditation, ethics, and philosophy. Moreover, in some Tantra traditions such as Kashmir Shaivism, sex played a minor role - if any at all.

Tantra and BDSM: The transitions are fluid

BDSM and Meditation

10-20 minutes before and after BDSM play

BDSM as energy exchange

Anticipation swells and adrenaline pumps through your body. My smell makes all thoughts disappear and when I touch you, your body vibrates in the fusion of pain and pleasure. Receive bodily fluids and feel the energetic bond that enslaves you. Offer your orgasm as a sign of surrender!

The Divine Feminine in Femdom-Play

I consciously incarnate the divine, female principle. You surrender to me and become free inside.

Therapeutic approach to BDSM

We combine BDSM with self-reflection and holistic experience. We can explore a particular aspect of your past or personality. In a safe setting, BDSM is a helpful tool to release trauma and work on yourself.

Tantric Transformation

Transform the sensual experience of sexuality into spiritual life force by delaying the orgasm and directing it to different energy centers in the body.

Tantra Massage

We use various forms of energy massage and physical touch to increase your energy immeasurably. I am in the active role, while you enjoy and receive the touch. More about tantric massage.

Tantric Connection

We meet at eye level and recognize divine oneness in each other. We practice conscious touch and meditation through breathing and eye contact. In this way energy orgasms and transcendent states can be achieved.

BDSM as an Expression of Tolerance and Love

The highest form of love in spirituality is the acceptance of all that is: All forms of existence have an right of being. Thus, even your shadow sides and your darkest fantasies are allowed to exist and to be acted out. At its most primal core, dominance is an expression of love. For me, the practice of BDSM is an extension of my spiritual practice. As Top, you are domineering and caring, sadistic and loving, but always attentive and completely present! As Bottom, you give up control and enter into a position of absolute surrender, which is characteristic of all forms of spirituality. The trance into which Top and Bottom enter is not only physical, but also mental, energetic and spiritual.

You can read my university research and find out to what extent BDSM can be transcendent, ritualistic and also spiritual (This is written in English and I will be happy to send it to you on request)

Tantra Massage: Eternal Ecstasy

During Tantra massage, the person receiving is completely passive, meaning that they cannot actively touch the giver.

Ejaculatory orgasm is not the goal in Tantra

If there is any goal, than to be in the present moment and to feel unconditionally. Contemporary Tantra massages often involve the lingam (penis) or the yoni (vulva), touching the genitals primarily with loving, healing, and uplifting intent rather than for sexual stimulation.

Energy Orgasm

Energy and valley orgasms can occur when you open ourselves to more subtle touches and learn to fully relax. In order to enjoy Tantra massage one hundred percent, you must detach yourself from all purpose, idea and thoughts and expectation. That is why during a Tantra massage explosive orgasms (ejaculation or clitoral climax) are not experienced. One tries to activate the sexual energy completely and store it in the system. Such conservation of orgasmic potential is beneficial for health, mind and spirit. Besides, with the help of this precious energy it is possible to open the spiritual centers.