Foot Fetish

Are you a Foot Bitch, a Toe Sucker, a Sock Sniffer or even a passionate Foot Masseur? If yes, we will surely get along very well!

I have a strong foot fetish myself and love to feel stimulation on my soles, arches and toes... I will dominate you with my gorgeous feet and teach you to become a perfect foot worshipper.

On my Only Fans you will find many sexy pictures of my perfect feet...

Foot Massage First

I always knew that I love foot massages; but since I am a dominatrix I've become really addicted to the extensive pressure treatments on the soles of my feet. Not only because foot massages are extremely relaxing, I also find them extremely stimulating...

If your massage skills are lacking, I will let you know. You will either improve, or you will suffer! But if you massage me properly, my whole body will unwind and you may hope for a slave treat afterwards ;)

Here is a basic course on foot massage, so you can prepare yourself accordingly for our meeting:

Live your Foot Fetish

If you were able to give me a satisfying foot massage, I might consider letting you get closer to my feet ;) You do realize that it is a great honor if I allow you to live out your foot fetish, right?

Kissing feet

Finally, you are allowed to lie on your back on the floor while I place myself comfortably on the couch. First you will worship my feet with your looks. I will enjoy how you crave my toes and soles more and more. I will not allow you to enjoy my feet yet! What a desperate foot slave you have become! I will put my feet onto your face and forbid you to open your mouth or breathe in through your nose! Once you are bursting with horniness, I will allow you to worship my soles with soft kisses....

Toe sucking

Only when you have entirely surrendered to my foot dominance, will I allow you to taste my toes with your tongue. My toes have the beautiful Greek shape and you will suck each of them extensively, just like the good toe sucker you are! I will show no mercy even if my feet are dirty....

Stinky shoes and sweaty socks

As an ambitious amateur athlete, I engage in a variety of fitness routines: Yoga, HIIT, crossfit, weight training and jogging. The end result is always the same: Sweaty feet that your tongue will have to clean. My stinky socks will land right on your face. You have to sniff these sweat-infused socks and shoes for as long as I want. Then, of course, you have to stick your tongue out and lick the inside of the socks. Afterwards, you will also clean the sole of my shoes with your tongue. Someone has to clean my fitness shoes after all ;)

If you are lucky, you will be able to purchase a pair of stinky shoes and socks from me and take them home as a souvenir... Tell me in advance if you wish to buy such items from me, so I can prepare them with an extra sweaty workout!


If you are also a little masochistic, you will surely enjoy trampling. I will run over you with my bare feet and let you feel my full weight in various places of your body. Depending on how resilient you are, I will use you like a carpet or a trampoline. Foot Gagging One of my favorite forms of slave torture is foot gagging! I will stuff your mouth entirely with my foot. I will push it deeper and deeper, until you gag, but I will never take it out. Your mouth will be fucked so hard by my foot and you feel my divine toes deeper in your throat than you ever imagined.

Of course there are many other fetishes around feet and I live them all with great passion. Maybe you dream of a footjob? Apply to become my foot slave and earn your reward through submission ;)