My Kinks

Do you want to be as close as possible to me? Do you want to chat with me and get uncensored insights into my world?

Femdom and BDSM active

-Therapeutic and Tantric BDSM: play for self-awareness and true connection, exploration of feelings and deeper traits of being-exhibitionism: play in public or in front of an audience; showing off slaves; provoking and flexing

-Handjobs: I just love driving men crazy with hand jobs.

-Dirty Games (Scat and Piss): My friends don't call me the peeing queen for nothing and I have the reputation to shit like a fairy. I like to educate my toilets under coercion too. In the field of dirty games I have few inhibitions and I also play with other bodily fluids such as sperm and menstrual blood.

-Foot Fetish: Nothing is better than a sub who massages my feet extensively and sucks, nibbles and bites my toes!

-Role-play in which my sneaky, playful dominance bursts out: As teen dominatrix, revengeful schoolgirl, neighbor or mean stepdaughter. I have a personal inclination towards incest and Little Girl games and do believe that it can go hand in hand with femdom.

-Clinic Games give me the utmost pleasure. Whether it's needles or dilators, as a nurse I always have a grin on my face. Cutting, branding and more extreme but controlled practices also excite me.

-Transvestite Training, Sissification and Whore Training: Men who make out with each other turn me on. For that matter, I don't care if they are straight, bisexual or gay.

-Analsex for men: My experiences range from gentle, tantric prostate massage, over strap-on to fisting.

-SPH: I am a master at small cock humiliation

-Disgust training: Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing my slave suffer.... Pre-chewed food, insects or dog shit? The subs set the boundaries

-Flagellation: corporal punishment by strokes and whippings

-CBT: Cock and Ball Torture is my greatest passion!

-Findom, Cash and Go, Money Slave Contracts: Yes, I am horny for money, but the ethical aspect is just as important to me as the turn-on

-Petplay: I raise dogs and pigs and am a cat myself

-Shibari: the art of bondage

-Verbal Humiliation, Dirty Talk and Fantasy Scripts: What turns on more than words?

-"The Forbidden": All that is prohibited attracts me. As long as all parties are consenting and no one undergoes permanent harm, I believe it okay to act out such desires in real life (SSC and RACK). All other fantasies may find their expression in imagination and fantasy dirty talk. Thoughts are free.

-long-term education and completely rightless slaves

-cleaning slaves, massage slaves, cooking slaves, shopping slaves

-Slaves who pay in order to perform my daily tasks: video editing, proofreading texts, answering messages

-Odor therapy and panty sniffing

-Torture games and pure sadism

-Peculiar types of play: I love doing things for the 1st time!

-Orgasm control, denial and prolongation

-Chastity and being a Key-holder: games with dirty talk or real penis cage / female chastity belt

Curriculum vitae

I moved to Leipzig for my studies, but was born and raised in Luxembourg. I have a Bachelor's degree in "Indology" and will be starting another Bachelor's degree in Psychology this year. In addition to my work as a dominatrix, bodybuilding is my biggest passion at the moment. I am planning my first competition on stage in the bikini division. Apart from that, I have been interested in writing, Far Eastern teachings (yoga, tantra, meditation) and massage for years. I have also completed several training courses in yoga and holistic body therapy. One of my more unusual qualifications is as a piercer, which of course comes in handy in my job as a dominatrix. I love traveling around the world and go to sex & BDSM parties for fun. I now know that I am a very versatile person and have no intention of ever limiting my personal development.