Role Play: No Limits to the Imagination

Costume, script and a good dose of improvisation. I love the extraordinariness of role play!

D/S Role Play

Playing Dominance and Submission

The most popular D/S roleplays in fem-dom are dominatrix-slave, teacher-student, mistress-dog, policewoman-criminal, prison guard-inmate and nurse-patient.

However, as a femdom goddess I also like to play the "weaker" role (patient, babysitter, daughter), if the balance of power is then turned around in my favor: At the beginning, for example, the teacher is still in the dominant position and peeks under the student's skirt until she reverses the situation, makes him helpless, blackmails him and abuses him for her own pleasure.

I also do not shy away from unusual role-playing:

  • Mad Scientist and Test Object: The submissive part is a mere test doll on which new toys and cruel-exquisite practices can be tested....
  • Kidnapper and Victim
  • Mean Police Woman and Innocent Prisoner
  • Butler and Bratty Rich Girl
  • Mail Man and Sadist, Bored Housewife

Mindfuck and Psychological Role Play

In classic mindfucking, the dominatrix manipulates the sub into getting what she wants. She drives her bottom crazy and pushes his or her psychological limits, e.g. by threats, never-ending teasing, insults or ignoring. In my eyes, however, mindfucking can go much further and can become a psychological roleplay.

Which role embodies all your fears? Is it the lunatic, the teacher or your own father? A homeless person or a banker? Or is it a certain action that evokes fear, disgust, and shame in you? Triggers such as love withdrawal, blackmail, or certain insults "you are ugly/fat/worthless" can also open the gateway to your subconscious.

When I embody and act out your dark side, you can face the reality of your dislike or fear. Often trauma can't be completely healed through talking therapy because it gets blocked in the emotional and physical body. A real-life physical acting out of your trauma can release stuck emotions, experiences and memories. Then you have the opportunity to reinterpret that trauma or even act differently than you did in the past. It can be a very liberating act to face your demons and see that you are strong enough to deal with them.

In the debriefing of the session, we then integrate and reflect on this intense experience together. With me you are in safe hands: I have completed training in holistic bodywork, in which the handeling of trauma and emotion were important modules.


In ageplay, two adult people fictitiously assume a different age. Such games can be both arousing and therapeutic. Punishing or loving? Diaper lover, incest or virgin fetish? All details should be agreed upon by the BDSM players beforehand. In the classic fem-dom area, the dominatrix plays the fictitiously older role (i.e. mother or teacher). Personally, however, I also enjoy the fictitiously younger roles very much; especially if I embody a playful dominant character in the process. Possible roles are:

  • Mother-Baby
  • Teacher-Mean Student
  • Brother and Evil Sister
  • Sneaky Schoolgirl and Teacher
  • Dominant, Early Sexualized Daughter and Father


Genderplay is an exploration with gender. You can slip into the gender role of your choice or even invent your own gender.

Sissification: Become a woman!

Outfits, styling and makeup are just the beginning of your gender adaptation. Cat-walk, dance, and erotic training are important steps; and a simulated gender reassignment surgery could be the culmination of your female transformation.

Whore Training

Do you want to become a real slut? A woman or a gay fuck-boy? Do you want several people to indulge in your fuck hole at once? Do you dream of whoring on the streets? Then hooker training is the right thing for you: It is an exciting role play between intoxicating fantasy and brutal reality.

Fetish Role Play

Does your favorite roleplay focus on a specific body part, material or piece of clothing? Or is it an unusual practice or activity? Through role play, your fetish will finally be normalized and you can live it out freely and shamelessly. Do not be afraid to reveal your most unusual inclinations to me!

  • Two school friends try on their first sexy underwear together and practice striptease
  • Two nurses in the intensive care unit try on the latest protective suits. These are full body suits made of latex
  • Handyman and femme fatale
  • Dentist and customer