Best Slaves

This ranking immortalizes my favorite slaves and shall motivate all losers to keep on striving! Whoever made it into this list has not only collected a lot of sympathy points, but also went through some considerable self-sacrifice and torture. If you too want to ascend the slave rankings, sign up for a regular slave training with me and try selfless service, gifts, tribute and total devotion.

Slave Number 1: servusnik

servusnik entered the slave stable in 2022 and he has already made a mighty effort. Under my supervision he lost a lot of weight and does sports whenever the mistress instructs him to do so. To train him I use a chastity cage and a dog shock collar. I moreover appreciate his exceptional generosity, his eagerness to learn and his passion for suffering. He ate my scat (although this was taboo for him), let 2 ladies whip him hard and licked my dirty shoes in public.... Last but not least, he is also very interested in the passions of the mistress, open-minded and lovable! In 2022 he accompanied me to Femdom Ball in London, joined me for an interview with the YouTuber "Leeroy wills wissen" and we travelled together to Romania to film clips with Ezada Sin. In 2o23 we went to German Fetish Ball together and broke another of his taboos: He licked the cum of my lover from my pussy. What an honor!

Slave Number 2: Frank

Frank is a special slave to me, who is almost a year in my service now. He attends regular training with me and I love his willingness to push his boundaries and serve me in any way I please. His slave qualities are Whipping, Spitting, Piss Play and Selfless Service. He helped me a lot with the renovation of my dungeon and we started doing photo and video shootings together this year. What I find particularly admirable about him, is that he is honest and transparent about his submissive desires to his wife and even his co-workers! So, when we are in front of the camera, none of us feels the need to wear masks, because we are proud to be knitters! What I find particularly admirable about him, is that he is honest and transparent about his submissive desires to his wife and even his co-workers!

Slave Number 3: Mini Wini

Mini Wini came into my service in 2023 and has only one wish: To become my collared slave & property. He funded my piercing certificate. Of course he was the first pierced slave of mine to be pierced, receiving nipple piercings and a Prince Albert. Mini Wini remains in chastity, unless I allow him a release. He strives to be able to accept more pain and humiliation from me. Behind the scenes, he helps me with a small portion of my online work and tries pleasing me with regular gifts (it works). Each time we meet, I receive love letters, gifts or other tributes of attention. We recently started filming clips together.

Slave Number 4

This slave has earned 4th place because he build a toilet chair for my dungeon and helped with the renovation process wherever he could. In addition, he is extremely submissive, dedicated, selfless, pain resistant, intelligent, respectful and therefore altogether a very enjoyable slave to surround myself with. In 2022, he had the great honor of accompanying me to the Femdom Gala in Athens. Moreover he has a cool car, which you can see in the picture.