Best Slaves

This ranking immortalizes my favorite slaves and shall motivate all losers to keep on striving! Whoever made it into this list has not only collected a lot of sympathy points, but also went through some considerable self-sacrifice and torture. If you too want to ascend the slave rankings, sign up for a regular slave training with me and try selfless service, gifts, tribute and total devotion.

Slave Number 1

My best slave has earned his status because he made a toilet seat for me and is currently working on an X-cross for my future BDSM studio. In addition, he is extremely submissive, dedicated, selfless, pain resistant, intelligent, respectful and therefore altogether a very enjoyable slave to surround myself with. This year he had the great honor of accompanying me to the Femdom Gala in Athens.

Slave Number 2: servusnik

servusnik only entered the slave stable a short time ago, but he has already made a mighty effort. Under my supervision he is losing weight and does sports whenever the mistress instructs him to do so. To train him I use a chastity cage and a dog shock collar. I moreover appreciate his exceptional generosity, his eagerness to learn and his passion for suffering. He ate my scat (although this was taboo for him), let 2 ladies whip him hard and licked my dirty shoes in public.... Last but not least, he is also very interested in the passions of the mistress (yoga & tantra), open-minded and lovable! This year he will accompany me to Femdom Ball in London and join be for an interview with the YouTube "Leeroy wills wissen".

Slave Number 3

Slave Alex is not only an amazing play object, which I can use for any kinds of sadomasochistic purposes, he is also very much of submissive character. I really appreciated his devotion, which he proved many times through long-distance training, real-life suffering, gifts, tributes and lending his body for videos...

Slave Number 4

This slave has travelled all the way from Finland to serve me. I was particularly thrilled by his taboo-free nature, his devotion and his entertaining character. He is also one of my best supporters on Twitter, diligently commenting and retweeting my posts. Finally, he also served me as a wonderful video slave. Use him as an example:

Slave Number 5

Slave number 5 was still a beginner when he met me, but he deliberately concealed his slave virginity at our first encounter so that I would go extra hard on him. I was very pleased with his eagerness to learn more about BDSM and become the perfect servant to me. While I was in Zurich, he visited me every single week for a lesson in female domination. There has to be a reward for so much commitment and motivation. Therefore I award the second place to him.