Findom: I am your Money Goddess

Your money is mine. Pay it back now!

4 Sacred Payment Ways

1. Via Paypal Friends to

2. Through the

3. Through the

4. In BTC to my Bitcoin Wallet: 6beL24JEtwtKceNgsAuyWEuwKvTVcfV5e

You have to memorize these 4 essential payment methods and internalize them by regular repetition! I will keep emptying your account and you will feel humility, thrill and excitement at the same time. Your only true satisfaction is to see your hard earned money in my hands! Because your money simply looks better on me.

Note: I do not accept Amazon gift certificates as payment. If you want to give me a gift, I'm sure you can think of something better than that. You'll find inspiration below.

Special Tip for Pay-Losers: Don't have a credit card yet? It's high time you got one! Because sooner or later you'll have to entrust me with it for safekeeping.

About your Findom Goddess Miss Medea

I am a young goddess who doesn't need the money, and who will drive you to financial ruin out of pure joy and charity. In fact, I myself come from a wealthy family and can finance myself very well without you pay pig. It's a matter of principle for me to give pay losers like you the relief they need. I know much better how to invest and use your money anyway!

I love to captivate, control and mold rich men entirely to my desires. I will always get what I want and you will thank me on your knees for allowing you to fulfill my desires. Your fulfillment is total surrender to me, because thus you can finally give up your own limiting Self.

I am selective about the suitors, which I accept as money slaves. If you only want to jerk off once, you can buy one of my videos and cum to it. But if you want to get into a real contact with a true money mistress, I expect you to be reliable, solvent and ready for a longer relationship. We will set a budget together and get your life back under control piece by piece.

Without 50 Euro welcome tribute, I will not answer any pay pig or human ATM! If you want to live out your money fetish for real, send a minimum of 50 euros via Coinbase to to get my attention. Or use the tribute function at CMS-Mistress:

Real meetings with your future money mistress in Leipzig

  • Cash and Go
  • Money slave contracts
  • Sending crypto via Coinbase to
  • Shopping tours (real or online via cam)
  • Budgeting your own finances (from part-time to total control)
  • Pay for my rent and food
  • Donate money to charitable organizations on my behalf
  • Pay for my luxury expenses and vacations (I travel a lot and love it)
  • Get into debt for and through your goddess
  • Blackmail for money
  • Pay fines, allowances and demands for punctual payments

And much more...

What are you waiting for?

Isn´t your cock already hard at the thought of giving me your money?

Send me your welcome tribute of 50 Euro now!

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Gifts and Tribute to a true Findom Goddess

I love receiving gifts

& you love spoiling me!

Since I have the better taste among both of us, you will only treat me with gifts from my wishlists:

    Scale of tributes

    1-10 Euro: Such a pathetic tribute gets lost in the immense amount of messages

    10-25 Euro: Lappish loser-pay pig, which doesn't get the slightest bit of attention from me

    25-50 Euro: A keyboard wanker, who does not yet dare to pay

    50 Euro and more: A monosyllabic answer from your money mistress is finally possible

    50-100 Euro: A few more insults and humiliations are possible

    100-250 euros: You have finally bought yourself the title of Paypig

    250-500 Euro: At last your mistress can do something with your money and you payslave get the right to be controlled and trained by her

    500-2000 Euro: Here we can discuss in more detail how to provide you with the ultimate thrill of financial exploitation.

    2000 Euro-7000 Euro: You've got yourself a permanent place in the ranks of paypigs.

    10,000 Euro-XXX.XXX.XXX Euro: This is where a deeper relationship with your money mistress is possible.

    Send me your tribute and show me what kind of pay slave you are!

    The ultimate pay kick comes not from fantasizing, but from pulling the trigger! With me, you can hit the pay button with a clear conscience. Do you dare?