FAQ - All Questions Answered

Everything you need to know about your Goddess.

No, you didn't. I just have something else to do and a lot of messages in my inbox.

I answer my emails about every 7 days. I rarely if ever answer messages on Twitter. If it takes me longer than 10 days to reply, you may send me a second message. Sometimes emails get lost or overlooked as well.

If you want a fast, guaranteed reply, write me on Only Fans (I answer daily):


I am based in Leipzig, but if you are lucky you can catch me in Munich at Studio Elegance also. I usually attend Venus in Berlin, where my fans can meet me as well.

Get in touch at least a week in advance and keep in mind that it may take me 7-10 days to respond.

The location is my personal dungeon, with all sorts of BDSM furniture and toys.

I have made the experience that one third of potential guests do not show up for a session. For this reason I require a 150 euro deposit, if you want to meet me.

You can pay the deposit in the following way:

Via Throne by credit card: https://throne.com/medea

By Paypal friends to: tributemedea@web.de

Via this link: https://www.fypm.org/medeamortelle

Via Amazon.de voucher

By sending a cash letter

Via Coinbase in Bitcoin to medea@missmortelle.com

Or to this BTC wallet: 6beL24JEtwtKceNgsAuyWEuwKvTVcfV5e

After I get your deposit, you will receive the address for our meeting and my phone number in case of emergency.

I can understand that. The basis for our meeting is trust. I can only promise you, that I will be honest and sincere. Now it is up to you if you want to trust me.

After the deposit is made, you will receive the address for our meeting and also my phone number. This should give you security.

I do not offer sexual services and my sexuality is not for sale. So no.

Yes, but only for slave who already deposited. All first-time requests only by email to medea@missmortelle.com

Yes, against tribute this is possible (3 Euro per minute, to be paid in advance).

Send me the tribute via Amazon voucher, Paypal to tributemedea@web.de or Coinbase to medea@missmortelle.com

This is a question that I can not answer you in advance, because each encounter is unique, spontaneous and customized to your needs.

If you want to fantasize before our meeting, I will gladly write you a fantasy for 40 euros. You can pay for it via Amazon voucher, Paypal friends to tributemedea@web.de or Coinbase in Bitcoin (to medea@missmortelle.com).

At the moment I only film with slaves that:

1. I have met through a paid session & that seem resilient and flexible enough for me.

2. Slaves that answer one of my public calls for video slaves on Twitter or through my newsletter on www.missmortelle.com

I am filming mostly toilet training, CBT & strap-on. On the day of the video shoot, you will sign a contract to relinquish your image rights and I will photograph your ID.

So if you want to be my video slave, apply for a normal session & show that you are very resilient & obedient.

No, I don´t offer double domme sessions. I also don´t offer session with a slave girl. My double domme, triple domme or mistress-slave girl movies are a fantasy, not a service I offer.

I do offer solo Femdom sessions though!