Experience Reports

What my audience and my patients say:

The best Poop Videos ever

"So far I watched your Scat-POV "Shit-eater education" (hot word) and you as a mean schoolgirl. I did not want to jerk off more yesterday. Though I could have done that. Your movies are just so awesome, I just did not want to watch them all at once.
You are REALLY the hottest!!! You make my fantasies come true perfectly.
I have already seen an extreme number of videos, many also custom-made for me.
All about my favorite topic " Eat my shit! " Sometimes everything was discussed down to the smallest detail, dirty talk, viewpoints, etc. so that it is as sexy as possible.
Always something was wrong. She says too little, shows too little, craps too little or tries dirty talk and it just seems ridiculous because it is fake etc..
Now I buy finished films from you and they are closer to my fantasy than anything before.
You are pretty to look at, you move sexy, you even change perspective and they you actually shit like a fairy (a bad one though), but most of all your mouth drives me crazy. There is so much horny shit bubbling out - your mouth is your divine butt´ greatest competitor :P
If you feel like more, you can have me with pleasure. Here or there, as a plaything or a primitive swallower, later or in the near future.
We are in complete agreement on that. For me it would be an act of devotion, an homage, a tribute so to speak. To you, your femininity, your sex appeal, your youthful beauty but also to your personality.

My absolute favorite is, as expected, Scat and cum swallowing training. I've seen that one 4 times now and only ever get to the part where you put on the gloves and stuff his mouth."


"There are soooo many women and girls who recently offer active BDSM, but authentic ones, acting with real urge and desire, you have to search them like a needle in a haystack. That's why you can look into the camera for minutes, speak freely, appear sexy and stylish - because that's just who you are. <3

At first glance, this may not seem like the ultimate compliment but from where I sit, the most outstanding attribute a young goddess can bring to the table is - authenticity."


Gorgeous fiercely playful Lady

"A woman with a lot of empathy and play intelligence. Not everything went as planned, yet it became a highlight in my experiences so far. Miss Medea is even more beautiful than on the already good pictures."


A Whole New Experience

"Miss Medea Mortelle is a very special character. Her presence was very pleasant, despite or perhaps because she is a mistress. And what a mistress... I was able to make completely new experiences together with her and it was an extraordinary meeting. Thank you very much for that."


Succesful Therapy

My BDSM therapy with Miss Medea Mortelle was very special and far better than I expected. I never acted out my fetishes in real life before, but periodically I watch femdom videos. In the questionnaire I told Miss Mortelle to insult me really hard and without mercy.

At first I enjoyed it and felt aroused by the humiliation. But the longer she humiliated me and forced me to stay bent forward in a very uncomfortable position, the more I despaired. Then she began to insult my weak spot and I realized I could no longer hold back the tears. I cried uninhibitedly, although this actually never happens to me.

I even knew why I was crying. At that moment it was a relief for me that Miss Medea Mortelle mistreated me, because I usually beat myself up that way. She took those destructive thoughts away from me.

After that, Medea asked if she could hug me and I said yes. What was interesting to me was, that the crying felt so good. She really makes you feel very safe. We just laid there and cuddled for another 15 minutes. But the most incredible thing for me were her eyes. When I look at her eyes, it feels like we've known each other for a long time.

Afterwards, we talked about the experience and Miss Medea Mortelle helped me figure out what was behind it. It will be a long process for me to accept my fetishes and to love myself, but I am happy and relieved that Miss Medea has taken the first step with me.


Madness has a Name

Right at the beginning. I may only give 5 stars although this goddess deserves much more. Pictures don't lie, but she is even prettier in real life. She is absolutely authentic and definitely nothing is faked. Of course I will not write anything more about the session. A Gentleman is silent and enjoys. Who was once with her will never forget her. There is danger of becoming a real slave. Thank you and see you very soon.


BDSM happens in the Head

I was able to spend an incredible morning with Miss Medea Mortelle. Her charisma, her eloquence and her natural way, have awakened in me in a short time the great desire to give her real pleasure in the session. I also communicated this desire to Miss Mortelle, whereupon it was of course her decision alone what I had to suffer through.

Through her remarkable empathy, she knew exactly where my limits were. Some of them she pushed carefully but firmly, which was entirely appropriate based on my wishes. She always sensed how far she could go, and I felt excitingly seen. Miss Mortelle is a true sadist and obviously enjoyed being able to give me therapy without taboos. There was a total transfer of power during the course of our encounter, something I could never allow in previous constellations. Some of the more extreme actions I would have probably rejected in a previous session, now I am glad to have endured them for Miss Mortelle. Her great competence in handling ropes and instruments always gave me the feeling of being in good hands.