My Taboos

I live my sexuality openly, but I have my boundaries.


Taboos for Real-Life Sessions:

I do not offer sexual services for money.

In real life, you pay for my time, presence, and skills.

  • Genital Sex
  • Oral Sex and Slavery
  • Kisses
  • Body kisses
  • Intimate contact with me
  • Any sexual contact in form of a paid service
  • Being unshowered
  • Touching me without asking. I allow touch, but I determine the frame. This will always be individual and is not for sale.
  • Disrespectful requests
  • Unsolicited dick pics or sexual remarks

BDSM practices that are taboo to me

  • Fainting games and extreme breath play
  • Permanent damage: for instance real castration
  • Making myself puke
  • Scat on my body

Respect and hygiene

  • Slaves who cannot perform a perfect anal douche on themselves.
  • Non-disclosure of health conditions (sexual diseases and infections, high blood pressure, medication, alcohol or drug use)