Wichtiger Hinweis – Jugendschutzgesetz!


Die folgenden Seiten enthalten in Bild und Text Material zum Thema Fetisch und SM.

Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren oder Personen, die nach den Gesetzen ihres Landes noch nicht volljährig sind, müssen diese Homepage jetzt verlassen!

Ich bin 18 oder älter

My Taboos

I live my sexuality openly, but I have my boundaries.


Taboos for real-life sessions:

I do not offer sexual services for money.

In real life, you pay for my time, presence, and skills.

  • Genital Sex
  • Oral Sex and Slavery
  • Kisses
  • Body kisses
  • Intimate contact with me
  • Any sexual contact in form of a paid service
  • Being unshowered
  • Touching me without asking. I allow touch, but I determine the frame. This will always be individual and is not for sale.
  • Disrespectful requests
  • Unsolicited dick pics or sexual remarks

BDSM practices that are taboo to me

  • Fainting games and extreme breath play
  • Permanent damage: for instance real castration
  • Making myself puke
  • Scat on my body

Respect and hygiene

  • Video slaves who cannot perform a perfect anal douche on themselves.
  • Non-disclosure of health conditions (sexual diseases and infections, high blood pressure, medication, alcohol or drug use)

Furthermore: I shoot my porn movies only with actors I personally find attractive and sympathetic.