Custom Video

Do you dream of that one perfect video that perfectly reflects your own fantasies?

I offer personalized videos for you!

How to get your Custom Video

1. Email me at and explain the details of your perfect Femdom Clip.

2. If I accept your video request, you will send me the tribute in advance.

3. Give me at least one week to film and edit your video

4. You will receive a download link from me once your kinky clip is ready

Prices for Custom Videos

The price for a custom video is 250 euros (with or without slave) and the video will be 15-30 minutes long.

Keep this in mind

  • Per custom video I treat a maximum of 3 very different fetishes (for example ballbusting, golden shower and chastity). If you want more fetishes to be shown, you will have to order another custom clip.
  • I will also sell your customized clip on my videoshop. All image rights remain with me
  • An absolutely private video is also possible, but at 3 x the price
  • If you are interested in shorter clips and personalized photos, contact me via Only Fans.