Dirty Games: Extreme Pleasure

Miss Medea Mortelle is your Scat- and Piss-Goddess:

Your perverted Goddess loves:

  • Poop from source or on the plate
  • Scat Forced intake and swallowing training
  • Scat beginner training
  • Smearing (sub body-contact with poop)
  • Piss generous from source
  • Full body Golden showers (Peeing on the body)
  • Desperation Play (Needing to pee really hard)
  • Red Showers (games with menstrual blood)
  • Spitting (use as a human spittoon)
  • Rimming (anal licking services)
  • Disgust training (also extreme)
  • Forced piss intake (also with catheter)
  • Toilet cleaning with tongue and slave baptism over my toilet
  • Forced Sperm intake (foreign or own sperm)
  • Sperm Play
  • Verbal humiliation and dirty talk around toilet slavery
  • Erotic games with food

This is an informative list and not a service offer! I am not a sexual service provider, but a deviant goddess and therapist.

What do slaves think of my kinky movies?

Apply as my video peeing pond or my video scat gourmet!

Experience for yourself, how it is to lead a fulfilled toilet existence!

Dirty Fantasy

There's nothing I like more than stuffing you with my bodily delicacies. When it comes to training you to be my personal living toilet, no mess is too big for me.

Fixated you lie under me and may enjoy the view of my spread legs. Several times I point out that there is no way out for you. Slowly I place my ass directly on your hungry toilet mouth! The adrenaline pumps through your system and you are already bursting with horniness when I command you to open your mouth big and wide...

Whether chocolate swallow training or endless golden shower fillings, under my sexy body you become the all-swallowing gourmet toilet. My sugary sweet appearance, paired with my kinky inclination, will make you loose your mind and provide you with the dirtiest ecstasy of your life... It´s not for nothing, that I am called a pee queen and a shit fairy. Both my piss as well as my scat are just too divine to flush them down the toilet! Since both of them taste delicious, I can force you with a clear conscience to take in extreme quantities also. I make you into my taboo-free dirty pig, which I can stuff completely without inhibition and mercy ;)