My Philosophy

I stand with:

  • People with disabilities, of color, with deviant appearance, with diverse sexuality, gender, and romantic orientations
  • Sex workers, strippers, cam models, street prostitutes, porn producers and all other people who ethically make money out of the most beautiful thing in the world.
  • Decriminalization and destigmatization
  • Sexual education and conscious sexuality
  • Respect, tolerance and freedom of speech

Principles for BDSM

Hygiene and Safer Sex in a BDSM session

Disinfect your toys and play areas. Use dental dam and condoms (also for oral sex and for toys). Wear latex gloves: for anal sex, fingering and in clinic games. Change condoms and gloves after single use. Only use sterile utensils or disposable medical supplies in the Fetish Clinic. Any sexual contact without protection (condoms, dental dams, gloves) should only take place if both partners trust each other and have recently been tested for sexual diseases!

Safe, Sane and Consensual (also called SSC)

Only perform practices that you are familiar with and always play it safe. Unreasonable requests from your play partners should be rejected. Everything that happens between you is consensual. Be aware about the possible risks of the BDSM practices you engage in.

BDSM is not real: It´s play

Play can become truly arousing, truly humiliating, truly scary, and truly painful, but play partners know they can trust each other. The Top pays attention to the physical and psychological well-being of the Bottom or Sub.

Communication in a BDSM scene

Talk about taboos and preferences beforehand. Communicate in the heat of the moment: Dare to redefine your boundaries, react, play along and express your desires! The stop word "Red" ends the game immediately. "Orange" lets you communicate that you're approaching a limit, that you're uncomfortable, or that the pain is getting to be too much. "Green" means that everything is okay.

Respect for Dom and Sub

Mutual respect means respecting the boundaries of all play partners. Taboos are boundaries that are never crossed. You may find my taboos at the end of the following page:

Integrated and holistic BDSM

BDSM is so much more than just genital gratification (although I value that very much and certainly don't neglect it). The whole body and also our mind become the sexual playground. Through various toys, words and scenarios, your entire being is stimulated as well. BDSM has a great effect on your emotional world, your subconscious and your self-perception and can therefore also be used therapeutically and spiritually.

Sadism, control and dominance always go hand in hand with care and love. If you want to be humiliated by me and I give you this humiliation, then this is an act of love in my opinion.

Principles for Tantra

Partner Communication in a Tantra Session

In a tantra session, you are always invited to redefine your boundaries and express your desires! No need to stay silent, because you don´t want to ruin the energy.

Respect and Boundaries

Mutual respect means that I respect your boundaries and you respect mine. If you state something as your taboo, I will never enter that area. Read through my taboos before we meet.

Holistic Sexuality and Tantra

To connect your sexuality with your heart and soul, you will refrain from orgasm and active giving in the beginning. Through breathing, the five senses and present experiencing, you will enter an extraordinary state of ecstasy. Tantra is a meditation that involves energy and pleasure. You are energized and relaxed at the same time. In the trance state of Tantra, the impossible becomes possible: Experience full-body orgasms, release energy blockages and encounter your own consciousness.

Attitude of Openness and Tolerance

We meet in a space without judgment and without expectation. We want to experience the transcendent together. We see the good in each other.