Wichtiger Hinweis – Jugendschutzgesetz!


Die folgenden Seiten enthalten in Bild und Text Material zum Thema Fetisch und SM.

Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren oder Personen, die nach den Gesetzen ihres Landes noch nicht volljährig sind, müssen diese Homepage jetzt verlassen!

Ich bin 18 oder älter

Slave Rewards

Here I give rewards to my slaves, if they fulfill a special task for me.

Wanted: Free Femdom Videos of Me

Did you find a pirated copy of one of my videos for free on the net? Maybe even on one of the bigger porn sites? These are pirated videos that violate my copyright.

The more of my videos are available for free on popular platforms, the harder it becomes for me to make a living from it. Unfortunately, it happens more and more often that my videos get stolen. If you want me to continue as a BDSM goddess for longer, help me delete these illegally posted videos.

If you find a free video of me on the net that I don´t know yet of, you will get a reward from me. This refers to all my videos that I sell: Femdom, BDSM, Tantra and Vanilla.

Your finder reward

  • 1 recent photo package or 1 video of your choice for download
  • 10 percent discount for a real session or cam session
  • If you find 100 active video links, I did not yet know of, you will receive a free custom video!