My Dream

I want to dream bigger than most people and then I want to live according to those dreams...

A Retreat-Centre in the Tropics

The ocean is roaring and the birds are chirping.... I dream of a house and retreat center in the tropics. In the seminar room I give yoga and tantra classes, in the living room I throw sex parties, on the terrace I write my novels and in the private bedroom I create movies that will blow your mind.

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"Spirit Porn": A Conscious Porn Company - Erotic Movies with Soul

I love sex and want to share my passion and knowledge with as many people as possible. In my eyes good sex goes hand in hand with chemistry, consent, communication and fun. This is what I would like to pass on in my films, combined with secret love knowledge from Tantra and BDSM. For the beginning I plan to make:

Authentic BDSM porn

I want so show communication, boundaries and mutually pleasurable role play:

  • Little Girl
  • Incest, Mistress-Slave
  • Master-Slave
  • Kidnapper-Victim
  • Slave-Rental...

Fetish Porn

  • Latex
  • Dirty Games: Scat and Golden Shower
  • Shibari bondage
  • Spanking and flagellation...

Romantic porn

Movies with:

  • stunning aesthetics
  • real chemistry
  • fun you can feel...

Secrets of Sex

Hot movies that pass on secret sex techniques everyone should know:

  • The art of seduction and teasing
  • How to communicate sexy during sex
  • Tips and tricks for anal sex, oral sex, BDSM practices, group sex, ...